Ep 22 - Immigration and religion in Tennessee

A candidate with strong religious ties running on a platform of faith and community.  Why can't that be a Democrat? For decades, we've heard about the "religious right" and their devotion to the Republican party, but are things changing?  The Republican standard bearer can hardly be said to possess Christian values with stories of porn stars and policies going very much against the Bible's teachings, particularly on immigration. 

Maybe it's time for Democrats to talk more about religion. 

That's part of what Wade Munday, executive director of Tennessee's Justice For Our Neighbors - a group that provides free legal advice to immigrants, is trying to do in his race for the 25th District of the Tennessee Senate.  He's running as a Democrat, but he's willing to talk to anyone and everyone in his community.  As a first time candidate, he's driven by his faith and a call to service so many have heard recently.  Listen to our conversation with him as we talk about how religion has been misused for so long in our political debate and how there is a way to take back the middle ground. 

Learn more about Wade at www.wademunday.com and follow him on Twitter at @wadelmunday.