Ep. 6 - Flippin' pancakes and flippin' districts

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For Rick Neal, it is all about running towards the problem, not away from it.

Rick worked in the Peace Corp in Morocco, got his master's degree in public health,  and then began running non-profits. His work has taken him to places like Cambodia, Congo, and Afghanistan to create refugee camps, build hospitals, and help provide safe drinking water. In 2014, he rushed to West Africa to help combat the Ebola crisis.

Since returning to the states, he has been fighting for LGBTQ marriage and family rights in Ohio.

Now, Rick is rushing towards another problem by taking on the Republican Party where it hurts them the most - by trying to take the seat away from their head fundraiser.

Rick's opponent this fall is none other than Rep. Steve Stivers, the head of the GOP's House fundraising arm. Because the Republicans viewed the OH15 as safe territory, Stivers has been mostly absent from the district while he raises money from the Wall St. Banks, Big Insurance, Big Pharmacy, and Big Oil, all so he can keep himself and his colleagues in DC. 

By contrast, Rick is refusing to take donations from big money interests and is promising to only serve in office for 3 terms. His goal is to serve his country, not the money, and people are starting to take notice. Since Rick has entered the race, the Cook Report has moved the OH15 from a solid red seat to one of the few in Ohio that is considered competitive. 

Listen to our interview and learn why you will be rooting for Rick in November. 

You can find out more about Rick on Twitter at @Rick_Neal, on Facebook at @ricknealforcongress or at his website http://rickneal.com/