Ep 17 - Where are all the Ohio Democrats?

Trump's approval rating is on the rise, Republicans voters are showing up in droves, and Democrats are mostly missing in action in Ohio. 

In the 2018 primary, the statewide turnout numbers show that Republicans beat Democrats by over ten points.  But how can that be? This is supposed to be the year of the Blue Wave! Democrats are supposed to be more energized that ever before! But in many states, including Ohio, the Republican turnout machine is in good order while Democrats can't even beat the numbers from 2010. 

To sort through this, we look at the numbers coming out of Ohio, our home state and a bellweather for the rest of the country. From voters to money - the numbers do not look good. 

If a Blue Wave is going to happen, Democrats need to find a better way to get people to the polls. If Republicans win this year pushing a pro-Trump message, what does that say about the future of the party and our country?

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