Ep 15 - It's time to fight dirty

One thing you have to say about Republicans - they know how to work the system to win. 

Whether it's taking a solidly obstructionist stance against President Obama's legislative priorities or blocking liberal appointments to the Supreme Court even when it seems wholly unfair, the right has never been afraid to do what it takes to promote their ideals.  What if Democrats learned how to fight like that? 

Forget working under the rules set up by Republicans. 

And don't worry about going through a near impossible amendment process. 

How about dividing California into seven separate states to flood the Senate with liberal voices?  Why not push harder for statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington DC?  Shouldn't we consider enlarging the Supreme Court when we have power or passing a new Voting Rights Act that actually protects voters?

David Faris, Professor of Political Science at Roosevelt University, is pushing all of these ideas and more in his new book - It's Time to Fight Dirty: How Democrats Can Build a Lasting Majority in American Politics. 

Listen to our conversation with him and hear why he thinks it's time for Democrats to think bigger.  We spend so much time focusing on the next election or news story, but locking in progressive policies will take more than winning the day-to-day news cycle battle. 

Hear how David Faris thinks Democrats can work within the current Constitutional framework and win the war.  You can find his book on Amazon and follow him on Twitter @davidmfaris.