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Eric: This is the Blue Wave. My name is Eric Heffinger.

Sohan: And I am Sohan Manek.

Eric: And we will be your host. We live in Ohio. I live in Medina, Ohio.

Sohan: And I live in Cleveland, but I grew up in Medina and Eric and I have known each other for about 15 years so far.

Eric: Both of us are kind of political nerds, I guess. We talk about it in our spare time. We read the New York Times or Politico or whatever pops up in our news feed.

Sohan: All the liberal media.

Eric: All the liberal media. All the fake news, we suck it up. We absorb it. And we have always talked about what can we do? Then 2016 happened and we felt like it wasn’t a question about what can we do, it was what do we need to do. We started going to meetings around here, in Cleveland and Medina, all over.

Sohan: Anything we could find.

Eric: We saw people like us that just knew something had to be done.

Sohan: And people showing up not knowing really what to do, and, interestingly, in a lot of places where Democrats have not really been a part of the community in a long time.

Eric: Democrats don’t win here.

Sohan: No, but right after 2016, in a lot of meetings, you saw these Democratic Clubs reconstituted and people showing up saying “what can I do?”

Eric: And people running and attempting to run, not knowing how to run. Across this country and in the news media, you hear these things about a potential blue wave coming in 2018. Roy Moore won the election in Alabama, and people are saying, “This is the beginning! This is the beginning!”

Sohan: Lost the election.

Eric: Oh, what did I say? Roy Moore?

Sohan: Yeah.

Eric: Oh. I’ve ruined the whole pod.

Sohan: (Laughter)

Eric: Roy Moore is the bad guy. (Laughter)

Sohan: He is the bad guy. (Laughter)

Eric: Doug Jones! (Laughter) We are new at this.

Sohan: Yeah, obviously.

Eric: My bad. (Laughter) So Doug Jones won and you hear in the media, on CNN, wherever, that a blue wave is coming. A blue wave is coming! And we wanted to tell the story on if this is really going to happen.

Sohan: On the ground.

Eric: Yeah! What is happening in these areas that are traditionally Republican areas? What are people doing to flip these? So, much like the campaigns happening around these areas that are very grassroots, very made up of new people that have never really been involved before, we decided to start this podcast.

Sohan: And talk to people in the community. People running, people involved in campaigns, and sort of seeing what is happening. A lot of our reason is because Northeast Ohio really is the front lines of the backlash against 2016. There are so many communities and counties here that voted for Obama and then switched to Trump. Party identification matters, but not necessarily… People switch and it is really has that pulse of the nation and where it is going. Ohio always has and…

Eric: Well, it is called a swing state for a reason. And I am sure the rest of the country is sick and tired about hearing about Ohio in every presidential election.

Sohan: So we are going to bring ‘em to you… (Laughter)

Eric: So we are going to bring you straight to Ohio every other year and tell you what is happening here, because, it is the craziest thing… This part of the country, and other midwestern states, the middle of America, do change their mind. It is not coastal elites. It is not the south, excluding Alabama this one election.

Sohan: Which is incredible.

Eric: We change our minds here and so, the message of what it means to be a Democrat and what it takes to actually flip the House, and now, possibly, even the Senate, we’re going to try and find it here by talking to the people that are voting. We are going to talk to the candidates. We are going to talk to the people working in these elections to do this.

Sohan: And something about the people here… I don’t think there is anywhere else in this country where in such a short distance you can find so many different types of people. From Cleveland down to Akron, that 45 minute or so, you find farmers, union workers…

Eric: Amish.

Sohan: Amish, city folk, minorities… you know, everybody that you could possibly think of when you think of a constituency, and everyone votes in different ways. I remember, when we went to school, you would see Confederate flags around.

Eric: Sohan and I went to a high school that bring your tractor to school day, if that tells you anything…

Sohan: Yeah, with one stop light… I think we still only have one stoplight at the intersection of 252 and 303, at least in Valley City.

Eric: Well in York we have one stoplight too.

Sohan: Alright, well…

Eric: So it is at least a two stoplight school district.

Sohan: Stop trying to compete. (Laughter) It was a very rural area and people had that southern identity in a lot of ways. But you are 30 minutes from Cleveland, which is sort of a liberal bastion, and has been for a very long time with the unions and the community up there. It is so diverse and we thought, once we starting talking to people, that we realized, who knows what is going to happen in a year?  It could really go in so many different directions and we wanted to be at the grassroots and start talking to people to sort of see what is happening.

Eric: So that is what this pod is going to be. It is going to grow as we grow and understand what is happening. We are going to talk to people here, first. People we know, people we went to high school with, people who are parents of our friend, or people running for office, people we have just met. We are going to see what they want done in this country so that we can help this Blue Wave along, so that we can help educate each other and maybe you on what it takes to actually run for a national office, and hopefully, in the end, to make the best pod in the whole world.

Sohan: (Laughter) Yeah, we are not experts.

Eric: Not at all. I just messed up that Roy Moore/Doug Jones thing…

Sohan: Trust me, it took us awhile to set up the microphones when we first started. (Laughter)

Eric: So tune in. Hopefully we are going to do as many as possible, whenever we can. I mean, this isn’t our full time job, but we hope we can tell you the story of what is happening around here, because, I tell you what, it is interesting and something is changing. We really do believe that if a blue wave is going to happen, it is going to come right through here.

Sohan: (In funny voice) Blue Wave….

Eric: Please don’t do that.

Sohan: What? You’ve done that multiple times!

Eric: You’re going to scare the listeners away. (Laughter)

Sohan: You know what… (Laughter)


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