After 2016, we knew it wasn't a question of if we should get more involved in the political discussion happening in our country, but how we should do it. Our answer is this: Blue Wave Pod. 

Our on-the-ground podcast's goal is to tell the story of the coming Blue Wave in America as it happens. There is an urgency across the country to get involved, to run for office, and to take our country back, but the results are not guaranteed. In our interviews, we hope to introduce you to the individuals working to flip these seats from red to blue and learn how to help Democrats compete everywhere in the country so that 2018 can be a wave and 2020 can be a tsunami. 

If you are a candidate, work for a candidate, organize for a grassroots campaign, or know people going above and beyond to make this Blue Wave possible, let us know. It is going to take all of us to make this happen. 


Eric Heffinger:

Eric Heffinger is a high school journalism and English teacher in Ohio. He started his career in Toledo television newsrooms, working as a promotions producer, directing nightly news broadcasts and learning the best and worst ways to be a journalist. He is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and the University of Akron. After many shake ups in the local television stations, he ended up back in the classroom teaching the kids how important the freedom of the press really is. He has three amazingly brilliant children and is married to his high school sweetheart.

Sohan Manek: 

Sohan Manek is an attorney currently working for a firm in Cleveland, Ohio.  He grew up in the Medina, Ohio area before leaving to attend Georgetown University where he studied history and government.  He spent a year teaching English in Taiwan before returning to the states to attend Columbia Law School.  After graduating, he worked for over three years with a major international law firm at its offices in New York, Paris and London.  Even though he has bounced around quite a bit, his hometown pride never left and he moved back to Ohio in 2017.